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I really like the ring video doorbell pro, has anyone figured out how to get it to work the Vera plus system yet? Or does anyone recommend another doorbell camera? I really like the ring pro because of its size I don’t have much mounting room next to my door for it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Doorbird is significantly superior and integrates well with Vera

There currently is no way to integrate it with the Vera. There is no open API and Vera isn’t a partner with them. They mentioned in another forum post that Ring was not being the easiest to work with to be a partner.

[quote=“prophead, post:2, topic:194164”]Doorbird is significantly superior and integrates well with Vera

This seems correct based off of everyone’s reviews.
The issue for me here, is the price. $200-$250 is already pushing it for an intercom doorbell with notifications. It’s also much too wide for the frame around my door where I would want it placed (like the op) :frowning:

You can integrate the RING with your Vera in a round about way (by getting a Wink Hub and using the Wink Hub plug in), but that is going to add $50+ back into price to get the Wink Hub.

I have a Wink hub However, looking at the support forums on the Ring (on the Ring website) has made me think twice about getting a Ring. Seems to have lots of issues.

For Doorbird, how are you integrating some local chimes in the system? The way they integrate a local chime is completely silly since it would require you to have another set of wires to your doorbell, which none of us have. So looks like you need a different way to get an audible chime. I have found that users both get confused if they don’t hear your doorbell when they push the button, and we don’t always have a phones on us when at home. So want something snappy and loud (the Ring can take up to 5 seconds to ring the local chime which is ridiculous… might as well not even have that feature).

Doorbird plugs into your existing house doorbell system as well as dinging your phone, and in my case through Vera on Aeotec MP3 “doorbell” chimes in 4 rooms in my house, it also turns on the porch and hall lights if it’s night.
The current firmware isn’t handling those as well as earlier ones were so it’s repeating chimes. It was listed as a known issue on the last firmware. Hopefully that gets fixed soon.


A Wink Hub (or Wink Relay) is NOT required to integrate the Ring Video Doorbell with a wink account…

A Wink Hub (or Wink Relay) is NOT required to integrate the Ring Video Doorbell with a wink account…[/quote]

Interesting! Can you elaborate…

Clever, he is saying you can just install the Wink app on your phone and add the Ring doorbell to the wink app, since it is WIFI enabled you don’t actually need the hub, then add the Wink add on to the Vera.

Prophead, I don’t get what you are saying about the existing doorbell system. I have an old school doorbell with two wires at the button, I am assuming I have to cut the wires that power the chime and existing button, and now power them with the doorbird power supply, circumventing the orriginal chime. Are you saying the orriginal chime will still work in that scenario, the instructions seem to imply it only support some digital chimes and only if you have another set of wires at the button.

Thanks! I may have to try that.

From what I gather from their online instructions, you just need to use the 2 existing wires at the doorbell button (switch) outside your door. They want you to replace the existing doorbell transformer in your house with their special “stabilized” unit. Doorbells typically run on a low voltage system, so the transformer takes care of that. I seem to think that my doorbell is DC already, but for warranty purposes you’d probably want to use the transformer they supply.

I don’t have this doorbell, but have been reviewing it for a possible future purchase.

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thank you everyone for all your input on this matter, i just checked out the doorbird and its really to wide to mount next to my door thats why i was looking at the ring bell. Does anyone have any other video doorbells for me to check out? I also want this camera to be recording all the time to a local nvr if that matters.

Chances are your existing doorbell already uses a transformer, just plug the Doorbird to the wires that used to go to your button and you’re all good. Doorbird has an API so you can use the low-res (640x480) video feed in another application like an NVR, or a Vera.

How exactly does it integrate into Vera? Direct, via the cloud?

If you’re asking about the doorbird, instructions for integration are here:

It uses your lan to notify vera of motion/bell alerts. I haven’t integrated video stream into vera yet, but it was fairly easy to bring video into blue iris

Thank you. I totally missed that thread when searching.

Great I can benefit from this also. As i use the ring video doorbell quite often. let me give this a shot and see…

thanks again guys