very worry about communication being lost in vera3

Hello !
I have for tests 3 devices : 1 switch GE and 2 appliance for lamps not dimmer HA-05 intermatic.

secondary controllers 1 GE 45601 and 1 intermatic HA-07.

all in one little room (my office) together vera3…

yesterday I will show for a friend and for my surprise the devices in vera3 not be turned on of off.

intermatic do not on and off the lamps…and ge 45601 only 1 lamp is activate…and with very slow speed…

I am thinking if this happens in my real project a big appartment with 2 floors and a big list of devices ???

is this network fragile ??? loose your devices and communication between them with easy ???

have I configure all again ??? excluding and including all lamps again to vera3 and controllers ???

what happens in fact ?? have a log of my network ???

thanks for help !!!

if someone of micasaverde is listening, please help me, my project is very big and is a big amount of money in game.

Here is 8:30 am then I think the local time of the forum is soon yet…

I have excluded all my devices of vera3…2 of these (the appliances) I do not need include again, vera3 automatically recognize them…the third the switch GE I have to exclude of the network and include again…

in the secondary controller HA07 I receive again the network send from vera3 and associate to buttons the lights and running well now.

in the secondary GE 45601 I have only excluded from the keys and the switch I have added to the network and associated to a key…
and all is running well.

good, I have only 3 devices and 2 controllers but I will have at least 100 devices and 10 controllers…

my worry continues…if someone have some information please post here.

I have excluded all my devices of vera3....2 of these (the appliances) I do not need include again, vera3 automatically recognize them
I'm not sure what's going on with that. Browser cache issue, possibly.

You said your running a V3 (UI5) so the info in the below link should not be relevant to you; but then again, maybe it is…,10623.msg73941.html#msg73941

Mmm, not sure they got actually excluded then. Did you notice whether the [tt]Device #[/tt] and [tt]ID[/tt] of those devices changed (on the [tt]Settings[/tt] tab)?

to me, the problem is unclear. first you said the devices are not responding, then you said the devices need to be added again, and these are 2 different issues (are the devices there but not responding or they disappeared from the UI?)

If you have wireless devices that use ~900Mhz like baby monitors or old cordless phones, then they may interfere with Vera and cause problems like this…

Do you have any plugins installed?
Do you have the ERGY Energy Monitor installed?

I have reconfigured my vera3 and all is running fine…
something I let you know.

thanks !!!