"Version Expired"?

It started this morning, when Vera alerts on my Android phone (set up as a tone, voice disabled), the phone announces in a synthesized voice “Version Expired”.


Started today (8/1/13); “Version expired” via TTS. About 5-10 seconds after a valid alert notification.

Same thing here. Are you guys using Ivona voices? Until I saw this I had assumed it was Ivona as it wil do something like this from time to time.

Not using Ivona or any 3rd-party TTS.

Started for me too today. I’m on android version 4.3

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I am getting the "version expired error too. I am using the voice prompts but disabling it does no good. I am using the plugin on a vera 3 and the phone plugin (android) on a Samsung Galaxy 3. Started first thing this morning.

See here -> http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php/topic,15897.0.html