Version 65 released

Tomorrow I will push out version 65 of the Caddx plugin to Unfortunately I can’t control the timing of this, so this is all the warning you’ll get. The update will be applied automatically.

Changes are:

  • Standardized partition service ID means it works with remote controllers (I tested AutHomation).
  • Category numbers on all devices.
  • Uses a JavaScript tab to control the serial connection.
    There is no change to the actual alarm functionality in this release.

An incompatible change was introduced in version 64 (sorry) to enable remote controllers to control Caddx partitions. When version 64 or higher is installed (UI4 manual install or UI5 manual/automatic install), the existing partition devices will be deleted and new ones created. The device ID will change, so any code or scenes that you have need to be edited to refer to the new device IDs.