Version 3.0, and future

I thought I’d take the moment to open a discussion about what features people want most, and how you do, or would like to, use VeraMate.

Version 3.0 has just been released onto the store, this includes a major overhaul of the networking code so that a dodgy network shouldn’t cause much of a problem, nor switching between wifi/3G.

For those on IOS7, There’s also a little “easter egg” for a voice synthesis to speak any changes you make through VeraMate. I’d be curious to know your thoughts on this too. I think it might not be useful, or even annoying, but I wanted to play with it :slight_smile: It’s hence disabled by default, but the setting screen will let you enable this. Unfortunately voice recognition libraries aren’t quite there, so no control yet. I’m hoping Apple will open the siri libraries at some point though.

As well as a lot of other little changes, 3.0 also bring a new “smart button” which will show any battery operated devices below a certain threshold (again, in the settings screen). I’m hoping this will prove useful.

Some future development items are in a poll below, based on your input I may give deferent priority to developing them. But either way let me know if there is anything you’d like to add that would make it easier for you to control your home.

I haven’t really had the chance yet to test the new networking code; I use Veramate to supplement my own app mostly for maintenance work, since it shows all devices and scenes.

I love the battery status screen! I’d like to see the battery levels for all devices though, with the ones in critical condition shown at the top.

One feature that I would like to see is a button to send a (full power) inclusion or exclusion command to Vera. At the moment I use the Vera UI on an iPad to add devcies, but UI5 runs horribly even on an iPad 3.

I didn’t know you could send a inc/exc command! Excellent I’ll definitely look to add that in.

I had contemplated showing more battery indicators. At the moment this is more of a prototype - I want to make the indicators prettier, so yes, I’ll look into adding more details to this in the future too.


I would like the ability to hide or show devices and scenes. It would help clean up the Iphone experience of automation.

“I had been watching the lite version over time. I have seen a lot of improvement on the project. I just purchased the premium version. I like where this project is going and think you’re doing a good job.”

That’s a good one @aaronsquire. It’s actually come up before, so I’ll make sure that goes in for the future too (and added to poll).

And thanks very much for your support !! It’s definitely appreciated.

It would be nice if switches were more condensed / icons not so large which required you to scroll. Instead of having each room seperate basically I have Upstairs, Downstairs, Outside, & Security as my rooms. That way from one menu I can control all the downstairs easily without having to switch room menus. But the icons on the Iphone are so large you have to scroll. Would be nice to have lights and outlets which are just on/off be smaller on screen. Obviously you will need the extra room for dimmer switch slide bar. More information in smaller space. Icons are nice for aesthetics but small and concise is nice too.


Would be nice to have the list of OpenURL’s for the app. That way if if I get a push notification from my phone for whatever reason I could have it include OpenURL that I could click on to open veramate to particular action.

Is there a way to show the buttons from the virtual switches, so they can be controlled via the app?

@aaronsquire, have you considered adding items to the dashboard (via the Vera web interface)? That way all items you specify will appear on the same screen. But agreed, it would be nice. I’ve tried to minimize the screen realestate, but also balance aesthetics. I’ll try and come up with an optional setting in the future to condense it further.

Push notifications are something I’ll look into in the future, but will probably be a bit of a way off at the moment.

@Crismaison, at the moment virtual switches and similar don’t have the ability to show buttons to control them. This is something I’ll be working on in the near future (I can’t give a timeline at the moment though).


Would it be possible to remove some device from the list inside each room.
(for ex, scenes or devices created by fibaro switches)

and also a way to connect to Vera localy (no mios server) ?

on a side note, i bougth the lite version, then i upgraded to premium but my icon remains as lite. And as i upgraded inside the lite version, i have to pay again to download the premium version.


Unfortunately Apple don’t allow the icon to change. I don’t really have a way around that at the moment, but I might come up with something later.

I also have on my list the ability to hide devices as others have asked for that. I can’t give a timeline when that will come in yet though.

And lastly, if you have a wifi connection, VeraMate does connect directly to your unit if its on that wifi network. If that’s what you mean?

I definitely echo a feature to connect to the vera locally without going (either for authentication, or for control) to the mios servers.

Personally, I do not like using mios to log on to my vera, so I block the port that the vera uses to connect to with a firewall rule on my router. If I ever want to access my vera remotely, I use a VPN to my local network.

With the way the app is currently set up, it seems to require that I authenticate and connect through which fails for me every time because it cannot authenticate with my box (port blocked). I’d personally just like for the app to launch, find the vera(s) on my network (much like and some other apps do) and then just connect me directly to that box. I don’t want to have to enter a username or password.

I realize this would likely be a large undertaking in re-architecting the app, but just wanted to throw my two cents in since you asked for it. It’s worth at least $5.99 (minus 30%) to you if you do. :slight_smile:


Ah ok I understand. I hadn’t realised that people don’t like authenticating through mios. It’s not actually a large change, and the good news is I already have this ready for the next update (3.2) :slight_smile: - if you’re on the local network, it’ll allow a “guest login”. Still a fair bit of testing to do, but hopefully will be ready next week.

Need some way to tell if your logged in and the data is current … Using the iPhone and there is no way to tell what your looking at … Drove 12 miles to make sure a door was lock just to find out that it was and I had old unlock condition showing on the iPad …

Great program … really nice and still learning … Thanks for the effort … /]/]ike

“Living to Learn, Not Learning to Live!” … Yet, I’m learning to live more than living to learn!

Ouch. Theres a couple things I have on my list to do for this, Ardoch. Currently you will only get feedback if an attempt to retrieve an update times out, and hence the details may not be up to date. On top of this, I currently don’t allow VeraMate to run in the background, as I will only make this change when I have the time to test it properly (as I don’t want a bug to drain the battery if it keeps trying to update when it shouldn’t).

So the first 2 solutions are, to eventually have the app update in the background (which will be extremely minimal though to prevent battery drain), and also show a warning banner as soon as the app is opened if the details are out of date by more then a minute or so, even if the attempt to retrieve the data hasn’t timed out yet.

And in case anyone is wondering, I won’t be putting a manual refresh in VeraMate, as, imho that is a bad implementation as developers have access to an API where this shouldn’t be needed… network coverage… and bugs :/, not withstanding.

Thanks for bringing it to my attention though, these couple little bugs I’ll be giving priority.