Version 1.50 is out (read before using :-)

HomeWave 1.50 is out :slight_smile: Fast approval by Apple.

Before you start messing with the scrolling screens on your iPhone, save your configuration first! The scrolling function is very new and it’ll be nice if you can revert to your previous config in case something goes horribly wrong.


  • The screen settings (?gear?) buttons are now only available when the app is in Edit mode.
  • iPhone screens can be extended with extra rows, which makes them scrollable. The option to add and delete rows from screens can be found in the screen settings (the ?gear? button)
  • New control added to set Color Temperature or Hue / Saturation directly for Philips Hue or MiLight / EasyBulb lights. Requires plugin v1.0 for Philips Hue, or the MiLight plugins released post May 9 2013
  • App can now be opened by URL: homewave:// , or opened to a specific screen with homewave://open/screenname
  • Support for Insteon FanLinc devices (Choose the Thermostat Option control to add fans)
  • Supports Day & Night plugin (add as a regular binary switch)
  • Added option to enable logging and send the log to support via email (default = off, see HomeWave settings)
  • Added option to remove power consumption indicator from devices if one is displayed (all devices).
  • Fixed ?Override MiOS URL? option.
  • App now uses the (load balanced) discovery server, as per MiOS recommendation.
  • Fixed issue with sliders in iOS 4.3, 5.x.
  • Fixed issue that prevented Fibaro blind controllers with older firmware to be detected