version 1.0.491 release candidate 3 is out

487 was released on Saturday. Shortly thereafter 2 problems were reported:

  1. Users of certain versions Internet Explorer could not load the site anymore. When loading the site, Internet Explorer uses 100% of the CPU for a minute or so and then the user sees an error: System database corrupted.

  2. Sometimes the Vera would crash just a few minutes after starting up. We have released 491 which fixes those 2 issues.

If you are using Internet Explorer, then in order to upgrade to 491 if the site does not load, then after you see the “System database corrupted” message, click the link “Upgrade your firmware” which appears above it. If you are using Internet Explorer and the site loads, but the ‘Downloads’ page has a white box, right click on the white box and choose “refresh”. After the upgrade completes, close Internet Explorer. Reload the site, and then press Ctrl+F5 to clear Internet Explorer’s cache.

If you are experiencing problem #2, and Vera is crashing shortly after startup, remove the black ZWave dongle, power up Vera, upgrade to 491, and then reconnect the dongle.

The first problem was caused by certain versions of Internet Explorer being unable to parse a field in the new database. The second problem was caused by a bug in the new code for advanced scene control functionality which manifested itself for users that had scene controllers capable of 255 programmable scenes (see Method #2 in