VeraSecure Memory and Battery

Have a new VeraSecure that I would like to find out how much memory is being used by Apps, my scenes and Lua. Storage report on the dashboard says 128MB total capacity and 79.4MB storage used. After spending 2 full days getting my unit un-bricked by Vera Support, with nothing but the included silly apps that are forced with a new unit, support stated there is a problem with the dashboard memory report. After installing my backup including Apps, storage is still the same. My unit crashes sometime just changing the name of a scene, requiring reboot.

Two questions:
1.) Where and how to view available memory.
2.) Will VeraSecure function okay if I remove the battery?

#2 above: with Vera being so unreliable, I am worried it will set off my alarm system while I’m gone and no one will be able to unplug it to shut it up (house guests).


For me, not being familiar with more technical ways of getting the available memory, I use the app “system monitor” You can set up triggers for alerts to your phone such as “LUUP restart, Vera Restart, Low memory.”

No idea about removing the battery however, I understand your hesitation. I have turned off the siren for that very reason.

I think when you change the name of a scene or do other type of changes to the units configuration, a luup restart is to be expected. Not sure if that is what you mean by crash.