Verasecure death

I am going to ask the question the other way: why not buy a HUZB stick with zigbee and zwave built in and use it native? Why deal with multiple UIs and editors external to Hass?

try letting HA controll your vera :wink: going to be mindblowing compard with using vera standalone. (im duing this with 198 devices on vera plus, its rockstable and superfast if turning of polling, turn down eneergi report and let ha controll it.

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Breaking news–Ezlo has just released their next-gen versions of the plus and secure for preorder!! I’m not sure why they did not say anything in product-related discussion threads like this one, but if you did not see their new ad, now you know!

Just curious what I am doing wrong here. I entered and I got this error back. file not found:scene/10093

Anyone have any ideas here?

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