VeraSecure --> Anyone running one?

I’m just curious - has anyone received their VeraSecure? Thoughts?

Still waiting…

I received a VeraSecure last week and migrated about 50 Z-Wave devices and sensors from my Vivint controller to it. All but two sensors paired. This is my first Vera system and I like the automation, but the lack of documentation on the unit is highly frustrating. I have contacted tech support three times and they have either answered the phone immediately or called back within 10 minutes, and they have been very helpful. Documentation would be a big plus.

My biggest unsolved challenges so far have been…
Getting the door lock pins to change the mode on the alarm system to “home” AND kill the built-in siren. So far, the siren has been a real pain and my wife is about ready to beat me over the head with the unit. As a result, we are not using the alarm feature until I determine how to disarm the alarm and kill the siren without that being a two step process.
There is one exit and entry delay value for all modes. In “night” mode, I would like the sensors to trigger the alarm immediately, but haven’t figured out if it is possible. On the plus side, every sensor is adjustable for every mode. Making the entry and exit delays adjustable for every mode would be a huge plus.
There is no pre-alarm to alert you that the system is timing to be triggered…and you are about to get a call from the monitoring company, who, by the way, is very efficient. The software allows you to adjust which modes will be monitored by the monitoring company. If you are testing sensors, it is very easy to disable each mode.
When I signed up for the monitoring service, my system was being monitored within an hour or two, instead of at least one business day, as advertised, and I signed up on a Saturday, no less.

As I stated, I am a rookie at Vera products, but have been using home automation for seven years. I will slowly, but surely get everything working, but it could be less painful. I sent Marc an email recently and he might be able to shed some light on the product features.

I have had many issues with this product’s alarm. I programmed a 2gig-key2-345 keyfob for disarming the system. Sometimes I come home and open the door and the alarm does NOT go off. In the app, or the web interface i see the VeraSecure alarm is supposed to be on. when I try and turn it off, it goes off, and It takes 10 minutes to make it turn off. Very bad security product in my opionon. I am trying to get a 2gig panel and make it my primary alarm with the verasecure being strictly used for automation.