VeraPlus - ServiceIds reporting incorrectly

Hi All,

I’m trying to set up a reactor device to monitor the power used by our washing machine, via an Aeon Heavy Duty Switch, however the serviceId for the device is reporting a generic:


Unfortunately the same is happening for other devices, who I already have this setup for, and working, so I can confirm that the serviceId is no longer being shown correctly.

Steps I’m using, find the device, advanced, variables, and then hover the mouse pointer over a variable name.

Why is this happening?


That is correct sevice id for metering
see list here

Thanks ElCid, that would be fine, however I get the same value when I check for my humidity sensor, which I know uses the serviceid urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:HumiditySensor1 (Aeotec 6 in 1 sensor - humidity).

What do you get if you click edit rather than hover?

Hard-refresh your browser?

Ah, figured it out. For most of the variables, it gives the generic zwave device, however for watts, it gives energymeter1.