Veraplus Compatible Zigbee Devices ***Let's Get This List Going***

@dblackmore - Me too I have tried it again and have reset the sensor multiple times and still no luck.

Cree Connected A19 Bulb is a no go. Previously it was paired with a Wink Hub and it worked fine. I tried multiple times to add it to VeraPlus. Each time it would add, but you would get a “Failed to configure” message and it couldn’t be controlled. Tried setting device to “Automatically configure = yes”, but that didn’t work. Curiously, the web page icon showed it as a Zwave device with On and OFF, but no dimming. I ended up resetting it and re-pairing it with my Wink Hub. I did not leave it in this state overnight to see if that would fix it though.

BTW, the instructions on Cree’s site to reset the bulb did not work on mine. I found the following instructions to reset online and it worked for me.

Start with the bulb off
Flash on
Leave off 2 seconds
Flash on
Leave off 2 seconds
Flash on
Leave off 2 seconds
Turn on
Light should blink once quickly to indicate it has been reset.



I have the same result with the Cree Connected. Works with Logitech Harmony, no signs of life with my Vera Plus. Very Vera disappointing.

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I’m not having any luck pairing a IRIS door/window sensor either. I’m selecting Add Device / generic zigbee device, install battery and press the button on the inside of the zigbee door/window sensor to get the green LED to start flashing. Does not discover the zigbee device. I must be doing something wrong[/quote]

I did not press a button inside the device. I paired it by selecting Add Device / generic zigbee device. I then brought the contact sensor within a foot of the Vera Plus box, pulled battery and reinserted it, and then opened and closed the switch several times until Vera recognized it. You have to do this all within the five minute countdown on Vera Plus.

Thanks @Bojagles! Is that this one?|0&pl=1[/quote]

No, I think that is the 1st generation one and it is proprietary to IRIS. This is the one…

Yes - that is the one I am trying to include as well. I tried it this morning as you prescribed but still no luck. When I try to add the device, the spinner comes on and then after a few minutes it goes away without adding the device and the options are to exit or retry. I do not get any message from vera like when trying to add a zwave device in blue at the top of the page that it is attempting to add a Node.

Maybe my issue is I’m trying the Iris door/window sensor gen 1

Make sure you have the 2nd generation device. I put a link to it in the post above. It is smaller than the 1st generation sensor. I would then try to exclude it from Vera. I believe it goes into exclude mode after the 5 minute inclusion cycle stops.

If you have the 1st generation sensor, it will not work. That sensor only works with IRIS.

Has anyone got the Commercial Electric Zigbee downlight to work?

Bojangles and RobertN, I was able to get my Iris contact sensor paired quite easily. Getting it working is another matter. ??? It shows up in my devices and says it is configuring. I have gone through the process of deleting and adding it back in several times. Sometimes my browser locks up. Tried power cycling the Vera a few times.

I decided the last time it was sitting there configuring I would just let it do whatever it wanted to do. But wait, it disappeared! After a while it is back, in red text it says “Waiting for wakeup to configure device.” Then it switches to configuring, then waiting for it to wake up.

I don’t know, I would say it is not ready for prime time yet.

Reporting back on the GE Link lightbulbs. No problems with the regular bulbs (A19) but the floodlights lose configuration. I set the floodlights as a regular bulb since there was no option for the floodlight option. Wondering if they will have the option eventually but in the meantime I get ‘Waiting for wakeup to configure device’ after about a hour.

Has anyone tried Belkin WeMo light blubs yet?

We added this article late last week. We will launch a more detailed page when it is complete but this should help. Note these are devices that have been tested by us. There are others that may work, especially Z-Wave devices but the ones on the this list we are absolute about.

[quote=“br636, post:29, topic:191115”]Has anyone got the Commercial Electric Zigbee downlight to work?[/quote]

Is this light works 100% with Vera Plus I would buy a Vera Plus… I have $1000 worth of these lights in my house running on Wink - would love to kick Wink to the curb.

I tried to connect the Keen home smart vents, device paired but wasn’t configured by the VeraPlus, support were able to get it working as a one off, an attempt to add the other 6 produces the same pairing but not configured, waiting to hear back on what I can do to assist to get the others working and be added to the list - I’m sure support are busy with the launch, it would be good to get better updates on where they are with a ticket and what work was performed.

more discussion on the smartvents here -,30285.msg267482.html#msg267482

I also tried the Iris gen2 smart button - Model #:3460-L, but same issue, pairs but is not configured in the GUI.

I get a broken link

Working fine for me earlier and just now. Any chance it could be your browser?

Anyone tried the LeakSMART water control valve? I had this device working with my Wink hub and the Wink Connect plugin on my VeraLite, but it’s not being detected by the VeraPlus when adding it as a generic Zigbee device. As a last resort, I tried to add it as a GE Link A19 LED smart bulb and the VeraPlus actually detected it and it looked like it was going to add, but then it proceeds to crash the VeraPlus over and over again until I reset the Zigbee radio on the valve. The only Zigbee devices I have working are the GE Link LED bulbs… I have 9 of them paired and working well.

Motion sensing functionality for the NYCE Ceiling Motion Sensor Model NCZ-3043 is working with my VeraPlus. However, temperature and humidity reporting functionality is absent.

[quote=“Aaron, post:34, topic:191115”][quote=“br636, post:29, topic:191115”]Has anyone got the Commercial Electric Zigbee downlight to work?[/quote]

Is this light works 100% with Vera Plus I would buy a Vera Plus… I have $1000 worth of these lights in my house running on Wink - would love to kick Wink to the curb.[/quote]

I have 13, 6 on one switch and 7 on another but I have not been able to get them to work yet.I did ditch Wink and put these on a Caseta dimmer but I would love to be able to control them individually again.