VeraPlus added First Alert ZCombo not communicating alerts

The new First Alert ZCombo paired fine and setup seemed complete, but when I test (using test button) the functionality of alerting the VeraPLus hub, it doesn’t get any alert. The beeps of the new ZCombo are the sound the same as my older ZCombos from 2020 and 2016. One short beep while I hold button, then 2 sets of three long beeps, and 2 sets of 4 short beeps. I get alert on Vera Dashboard, email as setup and text to my phone as setup.

Here are some of the parameters that match on both old and new ZCombos:
device_file D_SmokeSensor1.xml

category_num 4

subcategory_num 4
device_json D_SmokeSensor1.json

Here are some of the variables that match on both old and new ZCombos:

I do notice the following different varialbles:
The new ZCombo “Capabilities” list is:
The old ZCombo “Capabilities” list is:

I tried editting the “new” list of capabilites to match the “old” ones, but when the system wakes, it rewrites the capabilities to the previous list, even though I selected “Save” after editting.

I am not much of a programmer. Any advice or help would be appreciated.