VeraMobile for IOS version 3.57 issues

Has anyone had trouble with the latest version of the app for iphone (using a Vera Edge) with Remotec zwave-IR units (for controlling air conditioning units). Mine will only show options to control the device for cool, off or auto now. The option to run them in the “heat” mode has disappeared. It is displaying and functioning normally on an iphone running an earlier version of the app, on android app and on webUI so it is seems to be an issue with the latest app upgrade.


The “heat” option not showing up is a global issue with the latest update of the iPhone app, the dev’s team is currently working on a fix. Keep an eye on the app store when a new version of the app is released. In the meantime, you can use web UI or mobile app on other devices to use the heat option.

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Thank you for the update!

I updated to version 3.59 on iOS 14.8.1 and still no “Heat” button on the thermostat. Any updates? It’s getting cold out.