Veralite not OK


I went to update my firmware to 346 fr without reset factory settings.

Now, my vera boot normally, 3 leds are OK, I can ping my Veralite.

If I try to go to http://my_ip_veralite , the window shows me “Loading” and that’s all… It’s blocked here…

Can you help me?

I notice I can connect me to vera by SSH

My scenes work fine. Shutters window are closed now…

I don’t understand… when I connect to my_ip_vera, that’s blocked on “Chargement des données”… “loading data”

Now, It’s good!

I just connect to, login & password and my dashboard is opened.

After that, I try to connect on my_ip_vera on my LAN and that’s work fine…

Very bizarre.

What was happened?