Veralite Internet traffic

I recently switched to fios and reworked my home network. Doing this put the router in a visible position. I can’t help but notice that the port that my veralite is plugged into is constantly active. I never noticed this befor because my router was hidden. Is it normal for a veralite box to pass constant data?

Vera does a maintain a SSH tunnel back to the MCV servers, but unless your performing actions with a remote app, this connection usually has very little traffic during the day.

If you have chosen to record video or snapshots from cameras, there will be a lot of traffic.

You may also be using plugins that upload/download stuff from the internet. Plugins that integrate with local devices like WiFi thermostats can generate traffic as well.

As you can see, depending on how you are using Vera, there may be a lot of network traffic.

But, there’s another likely culprit. There are a couple of known issues with Verizon set top boxes and Vera due to UPnP discovery and a DHCP problem. You may want to first disable Setup → Net & Wi-Fi → Autodetect devices on my home network. If that doesn’t make a difference or, more importantly, if your Fios device “locks up” then you might want to look at manually disabling DHCP as described in this thread.

Honestly the link light on the router means very little. You can go to the advanced section on the FiOS router and see more detailed traffic information, should give you an idea of how much data is being sent. But as Z-Waver said it’s probably just the SSH tunnel issuing keep-alives.