Veralite doesn't record any modification !

I own a Veralite and ? Veraplus.
I am facing some issues with my Veralite.
My Veralite is connected to ? RFX wich allows to feed my Veralite with various inputs like temp/hum provided by OREGON sensors.
When sensor battery is down I need to Install new ones but in this case th? sensor id is changed and I have to modify it in scenes.
The issue is : what ever the modification I do in my configuration, even if I save it…when I reboot my unit NOTHING IS UPDATED !
More and more my configuration is jeopardized !
Please could you provide some advice in order to fixe this probl?me ?

Hey there,

I would insist in contacting our support team, enable TS channels for them and I’m sure they will come up with a solution ASAP.

Details in my signature.