Veralite - Changing type of switch automatically return to origin

Veralite, latest fw.
I have a Aeotec dimmable switch, and I am trying to change the type of device from dimmable light to switch, since I use it on non-dimmable lights.
I can change, save, reboot, but then it go back to the original settings, except it adds a “1” after the name of the device. Like “LivingRoom” to “LivingRoom 1”

The VeraDimmer picture is the way it is original. I try to change to VeraSwitch (3 places the name, and 2 places the category, to outdoor light) but still it go back to being a dimmer :slight_smile:
Is it a way to make this change permanent?

MCV introduced a serious bug in their recent releases.

At times, Vera deleted a devices and re-creates it with a NEW device ID and a new name.
This of course BREAKS all kinds of automation. I have had 4 devices renamed … but have not been able to sort out a scenario that causes the problem.

Yes, each time I had to redo my scenes associated with that device :frowning:

If it happens often for you … call Support.