Veralite as secondary controller to Vera 3 or Fibaro Home Center 2 ??

I have a Veralite and have recently started having deadlock problems etc. I think it’s maxed out and was thinking I need to get a Vera 3/veralite to share the load … OR …
I was thinking about maybe getting the Fibaro HC2 and having the Veralite as a secondary controller to the HC2.
I’ve seen that it has been done as above, but not sure as comments at the bottom have problems and don’t get any help. I don’t want to move to the HC 2 fully as it doesn’t support the RFXTRX433 which is plugged into my Vera and most of my devices use this. Any thoughts or experience with this anyone?

I just this weekend started doing something similar. I originally bought a Veralite thinking it would be a toy to control a few things. As my HA addiction took hold and progressed, I added a few dozen devices and plugins noticed that the memory and CPU were dropping pretty slow and thought I had some performance issues.

I had a second Veralite that was sitting around and started to do the normal UPNP sharing this weekend. I ended up doing it bi-directionally which is a bit complex from a management point of view. However I now have my primary Vera mostly handling zwave devices, PLEG, and most scenes.
I have offloaded, most of plugins (ping, google calendar, wemo, and several others ) to the secondary unit. I did notice a bit more memory freed up and the CPU seems stable. It is still too early to tell how reliable this will be, but so far over the last 5 days, it has been very reliable.

Well, I spoke just a bit too soon. I figured I would check on how things are doing with the system. Unfortunately, I am noticing low available memory and one of my apps (Vacation Ghost) is not properly firing on the secondary Vera again devices managed on the primary Vera. There may be other issues, but at this point, I may move that app back to see if the problems are limited to that one.

Thanks for your input, similar story here! This is exactly why I can’t decide… I could spend my money on a vera3 which has double the memory and 2 usb slots. I could use one slot for the rfxtrx and the other for usb log storage. I can’t do usb log storage on the veralite because it only has one slot…but… I’m not convinced it will solve all the problems I have.
Within weeks of getting the veralite I was already looking for “better” alternatives. I’ve even looked at putting homeseer on my always on server, but I’m not keen on the iphone control apps and I like using homewave. Also, it would need to be a virtual machine and homeseer doesn’t officially support that, although with some usb pass through hardware I could probably get it working.
I therefore started looking at the fibaro home center 2 which is a lot faster and has loads more memory and a better looking interface. So instead of getting a vera 3 I could put my money toward that instead (or homeseer) and have them running together (hopefully).
Any thoughts or experience welcome!

Or connect a powered USB hub to your Vera lite and add the USB stick to see if that helps you.

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Thanks for that Garrett, didn’t think that was an option - ill give it a try as a quick fix. But what about Vera as secondary to HC2, has no one tried that yet?



If at all possible, wait for the Vera pro to get released . Otherwise, the Fibaro looks interesting. Not sure if it offers similar flexibility of Vera, but from what others have said here, it seem like a pretty solid product.

If at some point you decide to go and try the Fibaro, then please let us know how your experience is combined with the Vera

Yeah will do, I was just hoping someone on here had tried it already :confused:
I think it would be great if it works, best of both worlds.

Hello Garrettwp

I can see you are listening in this topic.

can you explain the real difference between vera lite, vera G (limited edition) , and vera3 ?

how can I supply vera lite with additional space of memory ?

my doubt is because I bought a vera lite to be my slave and vera3 a master unit but I read in some place vera lite can store 70 devices only ? is true this ?

thanks for your help, always very good !

The Vera lite can run many devices. There is not hard limit. It all depends on your configuration. If you have your Vera lite filled with plugins, than you may hit the memory limit. But I think you can get more than 70 devices.

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Related question: How do 2 Vera Lite’s work together to extend the range of the Z-wave network?

I have two structures separated by about 50 feet.

[quote=“ttmetro, post:11, topic:177915”]Related question: How do 2 Vera Lite’s work together to extend the range of the Z-wave network?

I have two structures separated by about 50 feet.[/quote]
Vera uses a concept called bridging where two or more Veras communicating over TCP/IP share information about each others nodes.

Though the two Veras may act as one system, they each control separate Z-Wave networks. Vera-A cannot directly communicate or command a device in Vera-B’s Z-Wave network. Instead, Vera–A sends the command to VeraB which then activates the device.

Two separate Z-Wave networks connected by ethernet … With built-in software to allow each device to see the devices/plugins of it’s peers.

This is exactly what I’ve been wanting to do… Since I already had a server running 24/7 I decided to give Homeseer a try (again!). I couldn’t justify yet another always on box sucking more juice :confused:
I’ve been playing around with it for a week or so, and so far so good. The plugin selection is good, although you need to pay for them but not all.
My plan now is to hook the two up together with one as primary and one as secondary, once my z-stick arrives. I should then get virtual vera devices on homeseer and vice versa, meaning I can control devices on one from the other. The vera scenes can also be run thru http post’s from Homeseer.
Even though running Homeseer in a virtual environment isn’t supported, it does work, but usb passthrough software/devices are needed for the z-stick, speaker client sound card or whatever else you add.
Best if both worlds… I’ll post when I’ve got it working. Has anyone else done this already??


Hello guys
This is urgent
I am trying this it is not working

I have unchecked “vera configure devices”
The vera z-wave version is 3.2
Fibaro z-wave version is 3.4
After learning mode has started i wait for a while then “time out error” message appears
Please any suggestions

Have you det it as secondary controller?

Read this with Google translate.

You have to read from master controller and not the standard learningmode.

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Hey guys,
I have managed to run both Vera3 and homeseer in the same time using the Aeon usb stick.
I used the Aeon stick to include all the zwave devices.
Then plug it in the computer and set up HS to use it as a zwave interface. Imported all the devices into the HS (Rescan devices Full) and now I can control everything via HS.
Unplug the Aeon stick and bring it close to Vera3 (do not plug it in Vera’s usb slot) and put it on Include mode (one press on the button). On Vera3: Setup/Zwave settings/Advanced/Copy Z-Wave network from a master controller - you get some message in Vera saying Downloading data and the stick blinks as for a successful inclusion. Vera says configuring devices (15 min or so, depending on how many devices you have). And that was it: Vera display the following role now: Slave SIS:NO PRI:NO.
From vera I can control directly all the devices with it’s own internal zwave chip and the HS is controlling all the devices via the stick (you have to plug the stick back in the computer’s usb port).
Even if the stick in not plugged in or the PC is off or the stick is off, Vera is still able to control the zwave devices.
Only one problem with this setup: when adding new devices I use the Aeon stick to include and then in HS the Import devices button (only the new ones).
I don’t know how to do it in Vera. If I use the “Copy Z-Wave network from a master controller” I am afraid that all the settings/devices I have now will be deleted and re-imported again. This means I will have to reconfigure/rename everything from zero. And I have 100+ devices :frowning:
Anyone has any idea?