Veralite and alarm panel brand compatibility/user friendly recommendations

Hello friends,
I am looking for some feed back on compatibility of alarm panels and Veralite… I got in touch with tech support and they sent me this link for compatible alarm panels,panel

My question is out of these panels what company would be the best to go with as far as ease of installation and compatibility with Vera lite. What alarm panel company if any can you guys recommend and why?

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You could check the plug-in child boards; only the most popular (in terms of posts) have their own child board. A bunch of the folks here have a DSC, but there certainly are others.

I like the DSC system I have. It is fairly extensible and ties in with the Vera well with the plugin.

Elk is another very popular system, and I know that Elk has a ton of modules for standard things (relay modules, etc) that can be used in non-Elk systems.

You can get a decent starter package from

Take a look at: Home Security Store | The Best Home Security Systems

DSC Powers 1832 - good starter kit: Home Security Store | The Best Home Security Systems

Same as above, but with the RF Keypad so you can use wirless sensors:

Here is their “Ultimate Power” DSC 1832 bundle - offers some more items:

ELK M1 Gold -

There are others here too, like GE, Honeywell Vista, etc.

It all depends on what you want to do and what your requirements are.

They also offer free tech support, and you can find some of their “how to” videos and other stuff on YouTube:

DSC also has a YouTube channel to showcase their products:

Thanks oTi@ and SOlivas
I am going to do some more reading but can one of you tell me the best way to go about getting a DSC installation manual ? I tried the website but they say I need to be an installer or dealer to get that type of info.

You can get manuals here:

Click on “Product Manuals” and download the “Installation Manual”
The manual is the same for the different DSC versions.

You can also find a ton of stuff on the site on the DSC system, that may be a bit more helpful than the manuals – at least until you understand how to program it:

How to program a DSC system:

Programming DSC wireless:


Manuals for just about everything:

And finally,
Understanding Zone Attributes:

Also, if you dig through the site, you will see that DSC does have a Z-wave control unit that will hook directly into the system (C24-HUB). Not sure about it though. I would be interested it if could be slaved with a Vera.

It appears that the camera control unit, C24-CAMANL, can hook into it so you can access your analog camera via a network link.

Seems pretty expensive. I guess that is what you pay for the ability to hook it directly into you alarm system, since it seems to be controlled via the DSC keybus protocol.

And, here is something interesting I just found out - the newer DSC PK and RFK keypads can be setu to act as a low temperature alarm that trips at 43F, and restores at 48F.

Sorry, just though it was a cool feature. You loose the function of the 5th terminal on the keypad when doing this though.