VeraEdge FW Upgrade to 1.7.2043 - Device Notifications grayed out by the Upgrade

I just completed the 1.7.2043 upgrade on my VeraEdge. The process was quite elegant, and no surprises then, but I note that after the upgrade, the Notification selections for all of my devices were grayed out. I was able to restore them manually, but I really wonder if that is typical behavior during a FW upgrade? I hope not. It’s a time-consuming process to restore them.

I’m using the individual Notifications as a workaround for w problem where the aggregate Notifications fail to display the Device Names in the generated Alerts.

I have upgraded today mu VeraPlus. All my cameras are not working anymore (including 2 of them who are VistaCam 700). I have sent a message to support hopefully they will fix it.
Anyone having the same issue? My cameras are having fixed IP’s.

I upgraded my Vera Edge. Now only message “ZWave : Configuring Z-Wave devices in your system.” and no zwave working anymore already for 6 hours. Already tried rebooting. Anybody recognice this? Or knows solution? I’ver already tried to find a solution everywhere. :frowning: Or is this normal behaviour and do I have to wait for hours or days?

I only had ONE issue with a dimmer switch falling in and out of connection with the zwave network after upgrade. I tried restoring a previous backup to fix the issue. It appeared to work for a bit…but did not. I deleted and re-installed the dimmer and that fixed the issue.

I did not have the problem you did. I run only ONE app on my vera, keeping everything native. I think that limits the issues I have with firmware updates.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a solution for your severe problem, and I’m really sorry you are suffering from it, but I think it’s safe to say that waiting for hours or days, and not having any zwave devices working anymore cannot be normal behavior.

I think that the upgrade suggested that it could take up to 15 minutes, and if it didn’t complete during that time, to pull power and restore. My FW upgrade took between 7 and 8 minutes to complete on my VeraEdge, with a ton of devices on it, and the only problem I have encountered since is, as I posted above, the graying out of all of my Device Notification, which I was able to manually restore.

Have you tried to restore your configuration?

I did restore a back-up, with and with-out restoring z-wave, with and with-out a factory reset first. I tried a back-up one day old, which should be working fine, also 10 days old. Nothing works. Always same problem. I now did a factory reset and re-added everything, HORRIBLE experience… Now it seems to be working again.

I agree, I’m about to reset everything. Only two of nine devices worked after the "recommended " upgrade. Last one I’ll ever do on Vera recommendation. A pile of pooh