VeraAlerts:Notifications gone

Been using Vera Alerts and PLEG for a long time and never had any issues at all. Thanks for your great work. Strange thing happened a couple days ago and I stopped getting alerts on either device (profile). I have rebooted Vera, updated profiles, etc, but no luck. While I still have many notifications configured in Vera, I noticed none of them show up on the notification configuration tab of VeraAlerts any more. The Profiles still exist, and the Report generated is blank. I have attached a screen shot of VeraAlets, and a sample of some configured notifications.

Any thoughts?


How does everything look in the registration TAB?

Normal, as far as I can tell. I guess as a last resort, I could try restoring from a backup? I think I’ve only changed a couple things since the last one.

If the notifications still exist, but do not show up in the report … then there is some type of data corruption going on.

If you use Chrome browser … Right mouse click while in the Vera Dashboard and inspect element.
This will bring up some developers tools. Click the “Console” tab. Now try to do a Report Command from Vera Alerts and post any errors in the console tab.


I started having aq similar problem yesterday afternoon. I’m in the process of moving my DSC interface from the now-Secondary Vera to the Primary Vera in a bridged environment. Vera Alerts is installed and licensed on both Veras. Ever since moving it I have stopped getting normal notifications, e.g. Alarm Armed/Disarmed, etc.

These notifications are configured the same as they were on the secondary Vera, send to Pushover, SMS and log to SysLog. Nut since making the move the notifications are missing. I can send TEST notifications via Pushover, SMS and to SysLog without a problem but the PLEG generated notifications are not sent.

I have a PLEG that manages the interface and sets the Arm/Disarm, etc conditions, sets some internal flags and generates notifications. All of these are identical to the previous installation but no longer work.

The Register Tab on the Vera where the DSC WAS installed reports 6 licenses, 12 profiles. The Register Tab on the Vera where the DSC is NOW installed reports 4 licenses, 8 profiles.

Do you have 2 Vera Alert Devices on the Vera that’s not working (Local and Remote)
If so are you sending to the right Vera Alerts Devices in the Actions tab ?
NOTE: if you remove/install devices that are used in Actions … you will have to redo your actions for those devices. There is no way for me to detect that the devices were deleted.

Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa.

When I transferred the DSC to the Primary Vera I of course had to recode the PLEG that manages the alarm. In doing so I inadvertently changed a delay value that resulted in a switch being cleared before the arming action could probably be completed. Since the DSC does not indicate the type of Arm that is in effect I used a VS to retain the type of Arm that the user requested, Away or Instant. But that switch also has to be cleared to enable the next Arm/Disarm cycle to work. Because I stupidly reduced the delay the switch was cleared before the action completed and the PLEG had no way to determine that the Arm had occurred thus no notification.

i hate relying on delays for things but as I said there does not appear to be any indication of the way the DSC was armed only that it is armed.

Again, my apologies.

Thanks for your help. Something must have been corrupt. I eventually ended up restoring from a backup and have things working again.

On a slightly related note, how do you add comments to PLEG code? I’ve tried searching the PLEG documentation, and even this board and can’t seem to find it mentioned.


In the Editors (Input, Condition, Action) … if you hover the mouse over the input, condition, or action name it will popup current comment.

To set the comment … double click on the names.

Single click on a name … this will open the comment editor. Single click on a name again to stop editing.

This should have been asked/answered in the Program Logic forum …