Vera3 to Vera2

Can I do a backup of my Vera2 and Vera3 and restore the backup from Vera2 to Vera3 and the backup from Vera3 to Vera2.
My Vera2 is running out of “juice” with all the plug-ins etc but the Vera3 that I use in my summer home with less devices connected would easily handle the things my Vera2 does today.

Yes. See

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Lazy bookmark/bump of this thread… I suspect there are others that are still clinging to their Vera 2 hardware. I’m upgrading to Vera 3 now with the Amazon deal, and there will likely be a flood of used Vera 3’s up for grabs in the coming months.

When I obtained my Vera3 a few months ago, I decided it was easier to continue to use my old Vera1 for the stuff on it that is already working. If it ain’t broke, why fix it? So my Vera1 still has my lights, and the Vera3 has all of the new stuff that Vera1 can’t handle.

You can not bridge the two, but I can send commands from one to the other, so I do get a smooth flow of actions, even though the triggering device may be on the other Vera.

Eventually I will move the lights over, just as soon as I get a round tuit.

Here you go @aa6vh

Thanks! I did move one light over this weekend… :slight_smile:

I thought about this over the weekend. While I could bridge the Vera 3 I’m getting this week to my Vera 2, it would only be to add capacity. I have no observable range issues. The question I have, though, is… can I bridge two controllers with different firmware? Eventually, I’ll probably go to UI7, and my guess is that Vera 2 won’t support it.

Supposedly you cannot bridge to Vera’s that are on different levels of firmware. My Vera1 certainly would not bridge with the Vera3.

But you can issue commands between the two Vera’s:,27008.0.html