Vera3 - power light flashing green


Power light flashes green once a second. No other lights are on. Comes on as soon as I plug in the power to the Vera.



Try a different power supply.

Well, it has worked for 3 years - came suddenly; I measured the output - seems fine on the power supply.


[quote=“flyveleder, post:3, topic:188157”]Well, it has worked for 3 year- came suddenly; I measured the output[/quote]None of this really matters.

Power supplies fail suddenly.
Power supplies can fail to output enough amperage, though they still output correct voltage and some amperage.

seems fine on the power supply.
I guess that's settled.

I’ve seen this before on my own Vera, and there are plenty of articles published on it. I would not assume power supply unless you measure low or 0 voltage at the connector.

I think this is a symptom of the Vera not starting (the processes are fickle and can fall over for many reasons). As I recall, I had to re-flash the firmware, and once I got the unit to boot, try to restore from backups going back until I found one that worked. Sorry, probably not the answer you were looking for.