Vera3 Power Fail Issue

I have tried to report my issue directly to micasaverde a couple of times with no acknowledgement or confirmation. Hopefully someone here has experience with the issue. I have two Vera3 units. Both units both display the same issue.

Vera3 #30009605 UI6 version 1.6.641 located in Show Low, AZ (where I am)
Vera3 #30010100 UI5 or UI6 (I am unable to connect to verify) located in Tucson, AZ

The Problem: After any power loss neither unit will recover on its own. After power is restored, the power light on the Vera3 front panel flickers rapidly and the unit fails to reboot. The unit is unresponsive to a ping. The unit is unresponsive to “ssh”. Other devices on the LAN do respond to pings. The only remedy is to physically unplug the 12V power cord from the back of the unit and reconnect. At this point the unit makes a normal recovery.

I bought the units to monitor my homes when I am away and I cannot do so. We are in the monsoon season and here in AZ we have many power failures thus rendering the Vera3 useless, unless I am physically near the failed unit. I purchased a UPS and had my wife plug into it on her Tucson trip last week and reboot the Vera3. It is in failure again.

For my Show Low unit, I purchased a Digital-Logger Webpower Switch 7. I did a test with switching off a plug strip plugged into a D-L outlet #3 and the Vera. The D-L tries its best to reboot the Vera3 but the Vera3 won’t reboot and displays the same sympton of the rapid flickering power light.

It seems to be hardware related to sudden power loss and can’t recover until the 12V power cord is removed and reinserted. I can’t find any related discussion in the forums but I find it odd for both of my units purchased a month apart to display the same problem.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

It might be that it can’t connect to the internet.
Try to cycle the power with the Internet up and down to verify

Make sure it’s connected to the router. Just disconnect the router from the internet.
This will simulate a power outage where your router is not connected at the time Vera reboots.

Thanks RichardTSchaefer. But the solution was even simpler that that. The Vera3 units come with 2 12V power adapters. There are apparently wiring differences. I was not using the “Sunny” version as directed on the (V3) Connect Vera 3 To Your Home Network User Guide page.

I swapped them out and am now using “Sunny” and the unit recovers after a power failure. I guess I am probably the only user to make that error. I won’t do that again.

Bring in Tampa our local power company probably rivals you where power outages are concerned. I would strongly advise to put your vera and your cable/fios router on a heavy duty UPS (550VA minimal 800VA suggested) so they can survive shorter power outages without dropping. On an 800VA with just the vera and router connected you should be able to get an hour plus backup power.

I just checked with our Tucson location (I’m at work) and our power outages are more plentiful but shorter. :slight_smile:

Thanks BOFH,

That is what I have done for my Tucson location. That plus a whole house conditioner at the power meter. I should be OK there as soon as I swap out that units power adapter with the “Sunny” version. I will also get a UPS for here in Show Low.

I really like the Digital-Logger Power Switch. It will ping multiple programmable locations internal and external and reboot by outlets (8) by powering the outlet off then back on using your delays. So if the Vera or the Router quit responding it will reboot both or individually. I also have it reboot the cable modem just in case.