Vera3 and August

Does anyone know if Vera3 with bluetooth will control August lock also with bluetooth

Hi Rick,

No. The Vera 3 does not support Bluetooth. For the VeraPlus, curretnly our only controller with Bluetooth, it requires that we essentially right a driver for each device that we want to control though Bluetooth. One of the great things about Z-Wave is that there is a set structure of command classes so as long as a manufacturer follows it. I suspect that August choose Bluetooth so that you can access it to unlock it directly via one’s mobile phone.

If you don’t already have the August lock you and you want the type that will work with your existing deadbolt check out the Z-Wave version of the Ploy-Control Danalock,

When looking for devices to use with your Vera controller you want to, these are the devices that integrate best with Vera and you want to only look at Z-Wave, WiFi and Cloud to Cloud devices for your Vera 3. BTW, I assume that you are on UI7.

Will Vera Plus fully support Nucli lock?

Thanks Marc
I ment the veraPlus
I have the August lock as well as Kwikset Kevo lock with bluetooth
Is there an interest in writing a driver for either of these two locks

We’ve never tested it so honestly we couldn’t say. If they adheared to the Z-Wave Command Class structure it should work, if there are features that go beyond that we would have to integrate them and the lock into the platform. This is the first time that I have heard of the lock.

The best place to see what devices we know will work properly and are fully supported on our platform is