Vera2 wedged


I have a strange problem with my Vera2 system (UI4 1.1.1183) which is installed at my vacation home. Earlier this week I lost remote contact with it. I was not able to reach it by or by ssh’ing directly into the system. I have been using it as the primary router. When I got there today, the wifi was not working so I power cycled the box. As soon as I plug the power source into it I see all lights lit except ETH1 and ZWave. It does this no matter how long I have left it unplugged. The box appears to be seriously wedged… Any suggestions?



Reset and apply backup ?

I’m not exactly clear on the right procedure… The wiki pages describe a procedure to press the black ‘restore’ button twice rapidly. I’m not sure if the wiki is referring to Vera1. On my box there is an unlabeled black button between the ETH2 and USB connectors. There is also a recessed button labeled reset over on the other side of the ETH1 connector.

I tried depressing the black unlabeled button twice rapidly and also the recessed button twice rapidly but still no effect. The lights are all lit up except the ETH1 and ZWave lights.

I’m worried this may be an actual hardware failure.

I suppose that internet is still working at your vacation home ? And that Vera is well connected to the router ? And the router still working ? (just to make sure)

No Vera is no longer connected… It was my primary router. I had a hardwire from my cable modem to ETH1. The WIFI stopped working so I tried a hardwire connection from my laptop to ETH2. This doesn’t work either so I completely disconnected Vera and for now I have to connect my laptop directly to the cable modem.

I also tried to connect my laptop to ETH1 and see if I could get to the web page on the box… nothing…

So the box is completely disconnected and the lights are lit up as I described whenever the box is powered up…

Assuming that your laptop has access to internet when directly connected to the modem, assuming that the Vera, when connected with the same wire to the same modem, doesn’t turn on the green light “ETH1” (if connected to ETH1), there could be a problem with Vera.

If nobody else has an idea, and if you cannot contact MCV support, maybe you can just reset Vera to factory defaults ? To do that (I never tried), there is some instructions here:


This is the case… Even when connecting the cable modem to ETH1 that light is not lit on Vera. Those are the wiki instructions I was referencing above. I wasn’t clear on whether I was doing it right but all my attempts have not been successful in getting the box to reboot correctly.

I’ll probably have to send a note to MCV…



I can’t offer any help, but I have exactly the same problem. Double clicking the reset buttons did nothing, the wireless network is dead, and trying to connect via an ethernet cable also fails. I have informed MCV of the problem.

You may be able to restore connectivity to it by setting a static IP on your laptop or PC with the address and subnet, then try to connect to in your browser.

If the above gets you back in then you can then change your network settings back to what they should be.

Just to update this issue, I sent a note to MCV support and they pointed me to another wiki page with instructions for re-flashing the firmware from scratch…

You need to download an update utility and the firmware and then just follow the instructions. The re-flash brought me back to an earlier version of F/W (1.1.9xx) but I have updated back to 1.1.1183. So thankfully I will be up and running at my vacation home this weekend…

I don’t know for sure how the firmware got corrupted but I suspect power glitches because often when I walk into the place after a week or two absence, the clock on the microwave oven is blinking. So I’m going to get a surge suppressor to provide a little added protection.

I would go one step further and buy a good UPS. There are a number that are fairly inexpensive and yet will provide the needed power in the event of a power loss. If you also have issues with the power itself, ( brown outs, power spikes, voltage sags, etc ) There are a number that can address those issues as well.

A small ups would cost around 40 dollars or even less for what could power the vera unit for quite some time. Check the sunday ads as they are usually on sale.

  • Garrett

Thanks for the idea guys… do these units typically provide surge protection too? I guess I wasn’t too concerned about running non-stop but more to clean-up any noise spikes on the line…

yes they do. They also condition the incoming power so that your Vera always gets a consistent voltage. that deals with the brown outs, voltage sags,etc that I mentioned in the last post. It’s a device well worth the money, I have one on anything I don’t want to have drop off line because of power problems.