Vera2 U4 working with Ademco Vista 10 or 20p alarm panels?

Does anyone have a Vera2 w/ U4 up and running with an Ademco Vista panel?

I’ve only seen plugins listed for DSC, GE and Paradox so I doubt it.

There are some previous posts about it, but it seems nothing materialized.

Perhaps chime in these threads to see if maybe the work was done; you may even get lucky and have someone offer to write one, or help you out porting one of the existing plugins :slight_smile:

I have seen though, but I was asking about Amedco Vista panels as that is what we have installed in 1000’s of homes. I know there’s is an interface part that someone made, but I’m looking for someone that has use it with Vera and it works. Vera just seems to have so many problems. We used to do Lutron Homeworks and other high end systems, but the price point is way to high. So we have been looking into Z-Wave and thought Vera could be a really good product, but they are lacking customer support and support of many devices. It seems that they need to focus more on getting it right, but that is easy from someone in the outside to say because I have no idea how they run their company. I just wish it worked better because all the time I spend on this seems to get me no where. I’m not a homeowner putting this in for fun. This is a product that we are selling or not yet until we can have a stable system at our shop. Does anyone actually have Vera up and running with locks, switches, alarm, t stat without having to do stuff to it all the time? I just want to setup systems for customers and if they never modify it it would just do its thing without any problems. Lutron Homeworks is completely like that, but cost 1000x more.

Schlage Locks - Yes for remote access, event triggers (not scheduling)
Switches - Yes
Dimmers - Yes
TStats - Yes (5 Tranes)
Garage door Sensor - Yes
Lamp Module - Yes
Outdoor Module - Yes
A/C outlets - Yes
Scenes for night time home entry & exit - Yes
Scenes for TStat scheduling - Yes
Android Phone & Web Remote Access - Yes

Ademco Vista 20 - Not yet

I have been able to achieve 90%+ of what I wanted to accomplish with Z-Wave and Vera2. Talking to my local ADT rep, he thinks within 6 months they may offer a z-wave link or keypad capable for HA.

You should send a PM to user: Guessed as he is the one with a bit of everything including Alarm control. Vera is getting over some growing pains, but I think it is ready for most customer’s needs. It isn’t completely user friendly to set up, but neither is Lutron. If it was easy for the average person to set-up and install then your customers wouldn’t need you to install and maintain it. We all have stable set-ups for the most part, the only catch is we are always trying to add devices or functionality and there could be a few hiccups as a result.