Vera2 to Vera3 upgrade and HouseID impact


I have my Vera2 working well with a number of devices. I want to switch to my Vera3. If I recollect this correctly the backup and restore process will set up the Vera3 as having the same HouseID as my Vera2 had (otherwise the devices on my ZWave network wouldn’t talk to my Vera3 !).

When I have got my Vera3 configured I am going to locate my Vera2 elsewhere and bridge it back to the Vera3. As the above process would leave both Veras with the same HouseID this strikes me as potentially troublesome.

I can see two options :-

  1. Avoid the backup and restore option and instead manually include all the ZWave devices on the Vera3. I’d have to set up scenes etc again - but the 2 Veras would continue to have different HouseIDs

  2. Go ahead with the backup and restore, but afterwards set my Vera2 to a different HouseID. I don’t know how to change the HouseID - is it possible to do this ?

I am missing anything ? As ever, all input appreciated !

Option 2. With factory reset and reset z-wave network on your Vera 2 will result on a new House Id.

Excellent - thank you.

Does that mean that HouseID is actually randomly generated rather than being separately defaulted for each individual ZWave chip ?

Yes it is randomly generated when you ask the Device to initialize a new Home Network.