vera2 notifications down?

Two questions:

  1. are notifications down tonight or is it just me?
  2. is there a place in Vera 2 UI4 to see a record of notifications like there used to be in UI2 ?

I think they maybe down as I should have gotten a text and email at 6PM from my Garage door when I got home… I’d thought the other day that they might have been a bit erratic but wasn’t sure due to a low battery. After I replaced it, I was getting too many notifications for a while.

You should be able to track the notifications in the advanced / logs tab.

thanks strangely,very helpful to hear from others so i dont start changing things here, re: tracking notifications in advanced/logs, see if the one you didnt get is listed there, I only seem to have listed the ones that were successful, UI2 used to show all with “success” or “failed” next to them, in my logs tab i dont show the failed ones from yesterday even though they were counted up in the “my mios” page under “settings”

I thought it was just me.
I was in a telnet session last night to take a look see and saw error messages trying to connect to the servers. I see in my Mios logs 20 messages sent today but I havent received one.
Apparantly that notification is not something to rely on as they were never sent. It should be retitled “attempted to send”


Could be a problem :
I caused 3 events to send messages and only 2 came through.