Vera2 multiple units, control question


I have 1 Vera2 controlling it’s nodes, and also controlling the nodes of 2 other Vera2’s (let’s call them Vera2a and Vera2b).
Yesterday, I could see all the nodes on all of the Vera2’s. Today, there is a node missing from Vera2a that was there yesterday (all nodes are Trane T-stats). I tried to do a heal network, but what I’m seeing is that it ONLY heals the main Vera2, and does nothing to attempt to heal 2a and 2b. But since I have combined all three Vera2’s into one controller, there is now no option on 2a or 2b to try and heal the network (at least I don’t see where do to so).

Any thoughts on how I can force a heal on Vera’s 2a and 2b and try to recover my missing node?


Edit: they are all on UI4.

I can’t even blame this on being too late at night…

I was trying to do this from the Vera2 dashboard, but forgot I had to go to the individual Vera2a and b dashboards to initiate it.

Sorry to bother you.