Vera2 controller vs. Leviton controller

Before I bought the Vera2 controller, I had the Leviton controller. My problem is that it seems the Leviton controller did a better job of programming my Leviton Scene switches. I would like to figure out why and if I can get the Vera2 to make my Leviton Scene switches work better. All I have is a few Leviton light switches and two Leviton scene switches. One of the Leviton scene switches has only 1 button and the other has 4 buttons. To explain my problem, I will stick to talking about the scene switch with 1 button. All I want to do is have that 1 button turn on and off 1 light switch. When I used the Leviton controller, it seemed to download that information to the scene switch and everything worked quickly every time. Now that I used the Vera2, it works, but sometimes very slowly. The 4 button scene controller works even worse with the Vera2. I hope my Vera2 problems can be fixed with some settings.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.