Vera2 Antenna Issue


Just bought Vera2 with several dimmers FIBARO FGD-211.
All of them works fine, but with a distance in nearly 5ft(1.5m).
Is there a way to check antenna on Vera2? Cause, it can’t be dimmers antenna issue - tested already three of them.


I don’t think so without popping the cover off which might invalidate your warranty!

Very odd since each switch/module acts as a repeater in the network… You could have some serious interference though… Possible wireless router, cordless phone, or other equipment are known issues with Zwave. I would test that first… Is Vera in the same room without a wall to breakup the signal?

I haven’t tried all of them in the same time. I will try it tomorrow.
Wireless router - far away. Stopped wireless in Vera2. Problem still present.
There aren’t any phone and other radio devices.
Vera is in the same room in direct visibility. 5ft is the max distance.
So, maybe antenna of z-wave had been disconnected?.. Can it be?

I’m pretty sure that the antenna is attached with a small pigtail inside!

You’re absolutely right! Thanks!

I guess it was loose then? :slight_smile:

Yeah :slight_smile: