Vera2 and X10

Will Vera2 control X10 devices or do I still have to purchase something else???

You need to buy something else as it doesn’t do it natively.

If you need one, I have one that is for sale in Amazon ( Box was opened only to test the 2421U Powerlinc Modem.

First post here. Just setup Vera and was looking to add insteon/x10 control to my network. Anyone know if the 2414U insteon controller is compatible, or is it only the 2412U model? They look very similar, but the vera instructions only mention the 2412U.

I’m running vera2 with UI4 if that makes a difference.

Thanks in advance.

I have the 2412U, and I don’t have any clue about the other unit.

Overall, I’m pretty disappointed with the performance of Insteon versus Z-wave. Insteon devices lose track of their current status and are often very slow to respond – if they respond at all. I went through the rigamarole of putting in an expensive quad breaker to add the recommended phase coupler to my maxxed-out panel, and still the same results. The so-called wireless alternate communication doesn’t seem to be very well implemented.

All in all, the additional investment was around $150 to add Insteon, in the hope I could save a few bucks on the switches. If I had it to do over, I’d sink all that money and a little more to go z-wave all the way. Even the cheapest z-waves work like a charm in my network.

I have purchased the 2421U Powerlinc Modem and set it up on UI4. I can control a light switch with it, but I was hoping that it would be able to communicate with door/window sensors.

I wanted to have vera act as the x10 box to notify me of a door being opened.

Is this possible?? if so, what do I do next??

Thanks for the help!!