Vera z-wave comparison to Homeseer

I found this comparison chart at the Homeseer website. It compares the implementation of z-wave in Vera to that in Homeseer. Can anyone validate its accuracy for Vera? Trying to see the similarities and differences in z-wave functions.


HS2 is the standard version/latest of Homeseer software.

Yes there are differences.
Look at the price.
Need a PC or by Hometroller at close to 800.00 , runs on windows. No my choice of an OS for an embeded device.

If you need the power and features maybe.

Also remember, just like a brochure for a new car that compares it to others… it will always rate better as the chart of course is designed to do that. It’s all in the ‘spin’ thats put on it. A lot also depends on what you really need (and want to spend)

The higher entry price for Homeseer was originally an obstacle for me, so I went with Vera. That was before I found out that a $10 motion sensor costs $75 and the equivalent of a $5 light switch costs $65 to $160. My perception of the price difference between the system controllers has changed substantially now that I have sunk many thousands of dollars into these incredibly over-priced devices.

At this point I’d pay almost any price for the ability to actually control all my devices reliably. Homeseer is sounding better all the time. I wonder if the reality would turn out to be as disappointing as Vera’s has been…

I’m feelin ya Bro! I would pay double without a blink for rock solid performance, sadly I doubt you get that on the other side of the street either