"Vera, what has become of you?"

“Vera, what has become of you?”…That is me quoting Roger Waters of Pink Floyd from the song Vera. I thought it would be appropriate as I am still waiting for my Vera. ASIHome has said that it would be available on 10-20 then has had to extend that date to either today or Friday 12-4. (Wish me luck)

I have my lock and thermostat installed, along with my exisitng switches, I am just waiting for the ‘brain’ to arrive. I have been tempted to try some of my exisitng other options in the mean time (Control Think, Home Manag, etc.) but I don’t think they support the locks yet. I also think why waste the time setting up the network just to start from scratch again, but then again Murphy’s Law states that as soon as I set up a different controller…my Vera would arrive.

I apologize for the delay as we are waiting on them from MCV. I believe we are now expecting them on 12/4.

Thank you,

Vera shipped today :slight_smile:

Thank you ASI Home!!!