Vera used as a 3G router?

Has anyone succeeded in using Vera as 3G router by adding a 3G dongle in the 2nd USB connector?

This would make it a very interesting device for summer houses and the like.


I 2nd this request. My cabin is in a location where the only internet access is via mobile broadband. Currently, I have a Top Global router with a 3G PCMCIA card, but I would REALLY like to ditch this router (very flaky) and just use the Vera with a 3G USB modem for everything.

Looks like OpenWrt has some support for that. Looks like you have to install the comgt package. Check out the following page:

http://<Your Vera’s IP>/cgi-bin/webif/

Did you ever get something installated on OpenWrt? i did not. i get all kinds of errors when i try to install something. I cannot config my wlan and also port forwarding isn’t working.

I appears that ipkg is broken on the version of OpenWRT that comes with Vera 1.0.979. I have been able to install packages manually with help from tt55du. His instructions for install WOL can be found at the following post. I have installed other packages in this manner. You can basically replace an ipkg file with the one he mentions and after the “tar xzvf /tmp/data.tar.gz” command the package will be installed. Hopefully, the next firmware will provide an updated version of OpenWrt with ipkg or opkg working.

I have just added the Wiki page to address this issue:

denix, thanks for that. I’m glad to know the root cause. I had thought that since the OpenWRT version in Vera is “Bleeding Edge” ipkg wasn’t stable in it. It’s nice to know that if Vera 1.1 doesn’t include an updated OpenWRT build the problem can we worked around without having to do manual installs.