Vera + ThinkEssentials

I have ThinkEssentials Pro 2.5 + (newly acquired) Vera for approx 25 Leviton devices.

Yesterday & today I have rebuilt my Zwave network from scratch several times. It is unfortunate that I am getting so proficient at excluding all Zwave devices, resetting controllers to factory defaults, and starting with a clean slate.

For now I have given up on using Vera as the primary controller. I get repeatable results, which are unacceptable.

If I make ControlThink/ThinkEssentials the primary then things are better. However, when I add Vera as the secondary controller she insists on wiping out all of my associations. If I go back and apply them with TE then they seem to stay in place … at least they have now held for several hours.

Q: Why does Vera wipe out associations when she joins the Zwave network as a secondary controller?

Q: How do other people handle this situation?


Renaming a device in Vera will whack the associations. This configuration of TE as primary + Vera as secondary seems very fragile.


Have you tried setting Vera to not auto-configure the devices?

I am a Vera / MiOS newbie.
Please advise as to how to turn off auto-configure.

I am currently traveling and do not want to mess around with the lighting configuration remotely because I might leave my wife in the dark.

;D Understood.

Please advise as to how to turn off auto-configure.
The [tt]Settings[/tt] tab of a device has an option [tt]Automatically configure[/tt]. By default the value selected is [tt]Use default behavior[/tt]. You can change it to an explicit [tt]yes[/tt] or [tt]no[/tt] per device, or change the default under [tt]Zwave device > Options > By default MiOS should automatically configure devices[/tt], which by default is checked.

In other words, by default (at least with Vera as primary; I never checked for secondary) all devices are configured by Vera. You can change that setting globally, or override it per device.

(I have some zone controllers that I program with the Leviton remote (as secondary, Vera primary); I have those zone controllers set to not be configured by Vera.)