Vera taking my entire network in my home down!

Hey guys,

First time posting and have a major problem with an otherwise perfect system… My Vera takes my entire network in my home down by causing so much activity. The network activity light is blinking non stop instead of being solid green and as soon as I unplug the Vera and restart my router/switches, the network is fine.

I have tried to reset the network settings to default per Vera support, and this worked for a week but now the problem is back again, does anyone have any idea why this is happening and what I can do?


I had similar Vera problem and turned out it was a baby monitor that operated on 900 mhz frequency. It was disrupting Vera and nothing would work.,16044.msg122254.html#msg122254

Any chance you tried to set Vera up as a Wifi client, and still have the ethernet cable plugged in?

If you do, you will create a network loop?essentially kills the network.

If you have a Vera 3 on a LAN … make sure it’s not acting as the DHCP server can fighting with the router.

Just want to say thank you guys for the replies, it looks like the auto-firmware update plugin I installed was doing this, as soon as I uninstalled that and reset my network settings to default, the unit worked fine.