Vera Sunrise/Suset Scenes Not Triggering Any More


My Vera’s scenes based on sunrise/sunset are no longer triggering on those events. I can manually trigger the scenes, and they work just fine. I’ve put in a request to support, but they have been non-responsive. Outside any inputs, I was going to reset/restore and see if that works, but wanted to check for ideas before I push that button.


I have lights that are scheduled to come on 2 hours prior to sunset at my winter house in AZ, and they are working from what I can tell. Those lights are controlled by smart switches that plug into outlets. I am not running the most current version of firmware though. I am running 1.7.4970 instead of the more current firmware (1.7.5186) on my Vera Plus. Hope this helps.

FWIW, I also have several scenes running based on Sunset (none on Sunrise) and they continue to work fine. I have had some flakiness with a scene that extends a patio awning in the afternoons, but I attribute that falkiness to the link between Somfy and Vera via that funky plug-in z-wave-to-RTS bridge I’m using. I think the Sunset recognition in Vera is working correctly.

I’ve finally resolved this:

After issuing: luup.attr_set("ReloadOnTimeJumps",1,0)

Reference post where I got my information: Zwave Network On Vera Explained - #3 by rafale77

Just a tip here. I have installed many Vera units over the years and have learned a few things.
The one last Vera Lite still running for me is installed at a home and has worked for me flawlessly since the day I have installed it and the one thing I did was tell that unit to do was to NOT to install firmware updates.
Vera has always treated their customers like Beta testers and probably will continue to do so.
Bottom Line, if you want your Vera or Ezlo unit to continue to work, stop the firmware updates.

I agree that the user should be able to choose if they update their hub or not to the newer firmware.

I can do that with my Vera Plus.

I can’t do that with my Ezlo Plus as it auto updates.

We have asked many times and never been given an answer to my knowledge, about how Ezlo will handle this in the future?

Yes whilst it’s “beta” still, despite them already selling to retail, but its a test hub still in my eyes, I can accept auto updates for now.

But when and if the Ezlo hub ever becomes my production and live hub? Then 100% I want to be able to turn off auto firmware updates, until I deem it fit to press the go button.