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My Vera restarts a lot. I contacted MCV but didn’t get a response. I disabled automatic plugin updates but still Vera restarts .

Is this normal? Why Vera restarts so much.
Please see the attached photo

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The restart at 2:06:44 was probably due to the automatic heal and quite normal. The other ones shortly after that are not normal if you have no automatic plugin updates enabled.

Take a look at LuaUPnP.log to see if there is any clue as to what is triggering the restarts.

What do I look for in LuaUPnP.log?

What do I look for in LuaUPnP.log?
Error messages or unusual device/scene/plugin activity closely preceding the restarts. Vera does not usually restart without a cause and, whatever it is, it must have left some trace in the log. If you have multiple restarts in the log you may be able to see some pattern emerge.

There are two things that are common causes of unexpected restarts: Lack of memory and the Ergy plugin. I have also seen instability caused by having Verbose Logging turned on.

If you have not already done so, switch to logging to USB stick. This will release some memory which is almost always an advantage.

Thank you.

I already uninstalled Ergy plugin, disabled auto updates on plugins, added 32GB(!) of USB stick, disabled “Archive old logs on server” and disabled verbose login.

Vera stored about 10 log files, and before I can save them, it deleted all of them. I need to wait for another series of startups.

I get the following message about the USB stick though. I am not sure if it is related. I changed the USB stick, but same type of message appeared

Errors log:
2013-12-25_11:43:06 FAILED: USB stick is not plugged in. Wait 2s…
2013-12-25_11:43:09 CHECKDISK: Starting to check device: /dev/sda1 with: /usr/sbin/e2fsck
2013-12-25_11:43:10 (/dev/sda1) : Successfully checked

If you search the forum regarding this, you’ll see suggestions to check your memory available on Vera as well as the cpu usage. You never mention what Vera you have and what plugins you have installed.

  • Garrett

I have vera3 and the following plugins
Brultech Power Monitor 0.2
Wunderground Weather Plugin 1.54
Foscam IP Camera 2.6
Garage Door 1.20
RFXCOM Gateway 1.1
dataMine graphing and logging 0.980
VeraAlerts 4.4
Virtual ON/OFF Switches 1.34
Virtual Clock 0.7