Vera routing

I just had to post a comment. I recently set my Zwave option to 'Use Vera routing instead of Z-Wave ’ and that the change in responsiveness of devices in scenes and from remote applications has been amazing!! So much faster! My system was slowing down to the point that I would activate a scene or use the Authomation app to turn on/off devices and the action would take sometimes over a minute to react. I was almost going to give up on my Veralite. But after I did the antenna replacement and checked the checkbox on the option to use Vera routing, do a full heal of the network, the change is night and day!! ;D
All the devices respond really quick now. I don’t know why the option for Vera routing and the option to ‘Limit neighbors to Z-wave discovery’ aren’t checked by default. But my advice is to check them both.

Sound interessting. I have access to quite a few vera 3, they all have enabled “Use Vera routing instead of Z-Wave (requires 4.5)” and disabled “Limit neighbors to Z-Wave discovery (requires Vera routing)”, so I guess this is the default since I never changed anything.

Can somebody provide more detailed information on these two options?

Some Infos are here:

I have “Use Vera routing instead of Z-Wave (requires 4.5)” enabled and disabled “Limit neighbors to Z-Wave discovery (requires Vera routing)”, and it must be default as i also have nevr touched these settings.
I would like to know what “Limit neighbors to Z-Wave discovery” does, and if i should enable it
So far i am farily happy with my Vera lite’s performance

Hi there, I?m quite new in using VeraLite and now I have a problem with z-wave network that it doesn?t work as I was expecting.

I?ve read lot of forum but everyone tells his good or bad experience, someone specifies some parameters and so on, but there is a lack of something ?official? or skilled one who explains what to do. So WHEN is it better to check the “Use Vera routing instead of Z-Wave (requires 4.5)” or not? And is it better to enable or disable the “Limit neighbors to Z-Wave discovery (requires Vera routing)”?
And when is it convenient to let Vera to establish automatically an AutoRoute, or is it better to introduce the variable ManualRoute and fill it manually?

For my test, I have put the VeraLite inside home, but ?at the window?. At about 30 meters outside in direct view, there is a WallPlug Fibaro. At about 20 meters far from WallPlug and opposite to Vera, outside and in direct view, there is a AEON Swicth. At about 20 meters far from WallPlug also opposite to Vera, outside and in direct view, there is the Everspring Siren.
So, the 4 devices are on a straight line and all in view each other from Vera to the Siren.
The stress test to the first device (WallPlug) is always 10/10, while the stress test on the Switch and on the Siren often fails or sometimes 2/10 or 4/10. So the network is not reliable.
I?m still trying to figure it out, but if someone could help me, would be very welcome. Thank you.

I am not sure about the settings either, but to make your network more reliable you can just add other zwave device in between your Vera and the switch and the siren, somewhere half way ? I have got a few plug in modules (simple on/off) which are dotted throughout the house, and the act as repeaters also and should improve communication. As far as i understand the more devices you have the more reliable communication gets as there are more repeaters and more routes which the command can take

You are right, mikee123, but it is my intention to experiment the easiest mesh network technique based on a few number of devices, placed in a straight way one another so that every device can speak only to the two neighbours.
In this way, there is only one route and no chance of error.
Consider that I can change the distance of the devices between their but if it is too short, it happens that some device may be bypassed, and if they are too far, the signal cant reach some of them. I think that a distance of about 20 meters each other could be a good compromise.

I dont know but 20 meters sounds a lot to me, i think theoretical max distance is only 30 meters and thats direct line of sight. Practically i have had lots of RF devices which should have operated up to 30m, none of them ever did…
Also i do not think you loose reliability by having a hop or repeater somewhere in between, quite the opposite as far as i understand zwave. I do not think it would increase chance of error at all, but in fact decrease as your communication has a better chance of actually arriving at the intended target

Once again you are right, but my intention is just to test the behavior with a few devices in an elementary network. Please note that my devices are 20 meters direct line on sight. In practice, they are hanging from little trees in my garden where I have brought a 220V power line.

Vera –> 20 meters --> WallPlug –> 20 meters --> AEON Switch --> 20 meters --> siren

Interesting experiment. I guess thats good to find out the limitations and capabilities of the technology.

Here we are… The experiment was successfull and I succeeded in both healing correctly and growing the distances among the devices.
As I said before, my goal was to experiment a basic z-wave mesh network. So after placing the devices as detailed before, on VeraLite I set SETUP>Z-WAVE SETTINGS>OPTIONS I checked all the 5 box and left the other parameters as the default. Before, I put a blank into the ManualRoute of every devices. Before this experiment I filled manually some characters.
Then REPAIR leaving the params as the default.
After the healing, the 3 devices were configured, the neighbours OK, the AutoRoute OK, no data in ManualRoute.

Now the 3 devices are very quick in the responses, the StressTest very good. Now I’m satisfied.
After this, I have placed the devices at about 30 meters and 40 meters with good results. In tha next days I’ll do other try.

So from Vera --> 20 meters --> WallPlug --> 20 meters --> AEON Switch --> 20 meters --> siren I have experimented also Vera --> 20 meters --> WallPlug --> 30 meters --> AEON Switch --> 40 meters --> siren with a good result.

Bye for now.

By the way, feel free to ask me if I was not clear.

Can you post the routing details when you are done.
I would like to do the same … I have light posts every 40’ for 300’
I would like to optimize the routing for this line of lights … to be able to control
A light at each post.

It would be cool to have an Airplane Instrument Aproach (ILS) lighting system for my drive. With all lights on in the drive … One light at a time toggles off then on … such that it appears the light is moving down the drive. (Often referred to as the rabbit).
You can have a leaving flashing direction and an arriving flashing direction.

Hi @bagbag

Interesting stuff, I’m curious to see how it works out (is Vera routing better than z-wave etc) .
Other than the obvious, are you timing the differences ? Maybe by looking at the entries in the logs etc?

I also understand (but might be wrong) that nodes respond in different ways, some more quickly than others, plus there may be other traffic going on at the same time such as a a need to send information first, before receiving etc.

There have been a few posts where people have looked at setting the routes manually. E.g why has Vera listed 5 neighbours when I know node X is the closest one. So this is a good subject to explore.

There are usually (good) reasons for the default settings, but it’s always good to challenge them.

Plus, if like me you’ve upgrade the antenna, in many cases I may now have the ability to go direct to the target node(s) (bypassing the need for hops).

Sorry to digress, keep us all posted, I’m looking forward to your conclusions …

hi @parkerc and thank you for your contribution.

In a few days I’ll prepare a complete report on as I understand about z-wave network mesh.

By the way I read somewhere in the forum that there is the possibility to know the exatc route that Vera use to reach a certain device. Maybe there is a command or something like that (as you can understand I am completely new in Vera system) to see the log or something like that?
Obviously I’m not referring to the AutoRoute or ManualRoute that appears on device tab.

Thanks again.