Vera restarting at the top of every hour

This morning around 9am my Vera started doing an hourly restart. 8:56 am, 9:57 am, 10:58 am, 11:58am, and 12:59pm.

At 1:10pm I rebooted Vera to see if that would make the problem go away. Nope restarts continue, so far 2:00pm, 3:00pm, and 4:01pm.

Anyone seen this before? I don’t have any hourly scheduled tasks that might explain the behavior. I have some NOW > 60:00 type criteria in my two PLEGs, but that is about it… Maybe a device getting polled hourly?

I did have this happen on my Vera3 after I had to perform a factory reset and restore from a backup. It seemed to be caused by Vera trying to contact the MCV server and getting some error. When I tried to log-in to the server through the GUI, it said the Vera was not assigned to my account. Once I assigned it, the restarts stopped.

Well it kept restarting: 5:02 pm, 6:03 pm, 7:11 pm, 8:12 pm. And then it didn’t restart in the 9 pm hour.
I realized earlier I had a battery powered device set to wake-up every 60 minutes. (Ecolink Garage Door Tilt Sensor)

Sure enough, when I checked around 2pm today, its “last wake-up” was 7:51 am, right before the problem started.
Now at 10 pm, it shows a “last wake-up” at 9:15pm.

So it looks to me like the 13 restarts in between were the device waking up, and for some reason, causing Vera to restart.

Any one have an idea on how I can log the wake-up of a device to prove this is what is causing the restarts? I guess that would require data mine? I don’t use data mine today, just EventWatcher for basics. More stable overnight, but one restart already this morning at 6:20am.

Not sure about your device in particular, but most battery powered modules have a “LastWakeup” timestamp. Arranging a variable watch of that would do the trick. The latest version of [tt]EventWatcher[/tt] allows you to create an arbitrary list of variables to watch, so you have the technology already. See this post:,16984.msg184815.html#msg184815

—Edit: —

the line you would need in the configuration file would be


with replaced by the Vera device number of your device.

Thanks akbooer! I was the one that asked about updating EventWatcher in the app store, but I will update from the linked file so I can start monitoring this ASAP. I think this device may have been causing occasional restarts all along - just not as dramatic as yesterday - so will be nice to prove/disprove that…

OK, good luck. Of course, if Vera crashes very soon after the wakeup, then the event will never get written. You will find out!