Vera Plus/ZWave range extremely short

I’ve had this issue for a while now, I was hoping that updated Firmwares may improve things. But alas it hasn’t (inc Beta 7.30 1.7.4783).
The issue first was shown with a Z-Wave remote constantly going thru batteries as it was acting as a repeater (for some reason) but then when it was no longer functioning, the Z-Wave on/off switch wouldn’t communicate with any device or controller, which was at a maximum of 5m away.
To include the Switch (Aeotec Smart Switch 6) it would need to be within 2 meters of the controller. 3 meters away, it wouldn’t pair or be discoverable.
Added to this it appears the beta has stopped scenes from running on schedules.

Any ideas?

Hope this is helpful. The range problem can be caused by many things. Amongst which noise but busyness of the network as well.

Thanks for the reply… Yeah I read that, great source of information!!
But no, 2 Aeotec smart switches and a multisensor (usb powered)… so only 3 devices plus the gateway (and until the issue is sorted the Remotec remote isn’t powered on anymore).
Direct line of site, All Z-Wave devices (use to use many Insteon devices, but the gateway adapter for Vera was not made for Australia.)

So yeah, all i can think of is that after a short period of time the devices have all started to fail somehow.

Can you elaborate on what you mean by “gateway adaptor”?

There once was a adapter to let the vera interface with Insteon devices… but was never made for Australia.

For anyone with scheduled scenes not running my scenes worked again from advice of @therealdb

luup.attr_set(“ReloadOnTimeJumps”, 1)

You might be seeing the failure of your zwave chip then… That’s the only thing I can think of unfortunately.

Aeotec believed the latest SS6 firmware, 1.04, would fix the issue however so far it hasn’t as yet. I will update if/when things change. I am working with the dealer, and they’re actively working with Aeotec about these failures.