Vera Plus works chaotically without an internet connection

I read that Vera works without an internet connection. It works but chaotically. I want to turn on a light bulb, it lights up in 1 minute. A sensor mounted on the door that when opening the door must turn on the light in the room instantly … sometimes the light comes on after I leave the room. I only use z wave devices.
Do certain settings need to be made?

I personally would never trust Vera with any activity that needs to happen instantly. Vera units spend a lot of time doing other unanticipated stuff, like restarting at random moments.
The safety of your bathroom might be in better hands with a dedicated occupancy sensor switch.

See if you can set an association. Not all devices support associations, but it means when the sensor sends an alert over the mesh, the switch will hear it and react on its own without the vera’s involvement.

I believe it is in the advanced settings of the triggering device but I don’t have a vera online to confirm that.

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