VERA Plus restarts anytime my internet connection drops or router restarts

Anytime my VERA Plus loses internet connection (whether me unplugging the WAN from my router, or restarting the router itself), the VP restarts. Every time. That means every time my ISP or router has a momentary glitch which would otherwise go unnoticed, my VP restarts (twice, every time)

Is that normal behavior? Does the VP have a dependency on a solid WAN connection?

FWIW, I’m on FIOS with ONT going to my Asus RT-N66U (running Tomato) via ethernet. The router has only two LAN connections - one going to the rest of my network switches, and the other going directly to my VP box. Unplugging the VP’s ethernet cable causes a reboot (within 3 seconds).

Same here … if they loose connection to their cloud servers … (actually when they reconnect after loosing it) they do a restart.

I’m really glad to hear that. I was thinking maybe a plugin had gone rogue. I just wonder why I get two restarts with every (dis)connect. They’re back to back. Since I’m using Vera Alerts to let me know when a restart happened, I guess I’m just more aware now of how fickle my network/ISP or their cloud servers may be.

I do not get back to back alerts.

That explains why my Vera will go 2 or 3 days without a restart, then restart 2 or 3 times in a day. And that is with no fiddling 8)

I’ve contacted Vera support to see if they could determine what is happening. They said they are unable to see my detailed log unless I disable (uninstall) my datamine plugin. I struggled immensely to get it configured the first time, and the idea of having to relearn it again is too daunting. So I declined further troubleshooting.

Since this appears to be a systemic issue, and not just related to my system, I’m guessing they won’t need my help. Anyone else want to work with them on figuring this out?


I’ve tested on a Vera Plus and the unit doesn’t seem to restart when I remove the ethernet cable. I tried several times and I left the Ethernet cable disconnected from Vera for a long period of time (around 30 minutes) and the unit has not restarted at all. Not even when I reconnected the ethernet cable. Once I reconnected the ethernet cable the unit cam back only shortly and there was no change in the status of the lights on the unit except for the internet light coming back on, the rest were solid green all the time.

If someone from support will see this topic, maybe it will be helpful if you could take a short video about the behavior of your unit when you remove the ethernet cable to see how are the lights on the unit behaving during this process.

I have a Vera 3 with limited memory. My logs get offloaded to mios’ servers so if I disconnect from the Internet for too long, I suspect I will run low on memory, prompting a reboot. Not sure if this is part of it.