Vera plus - how connect Tuya wifi PIR motion sensor?

Hi there, not currently on any list but I advise adding it as a feature request in our bug tracker here: Ezlo Community Bug Tracker is here . I advise doing this for any device integration request. Thanks.

Extremely complicated

I stopped reading at “sign up for a developer account” and mentally filed it away for whoever might need it.

I signed up for a developer account and never heard anything or received any further information. I sent inquiries to various addresses over the following weeks and got no replies whatsoever. Given that I hate the premise of cloud-controlled devices from the get-go, I let it go at that.

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That is quite unfortunate. It would be so amazing to have that integration in Vera. After many years, I pulled out of Vera finally this year because things started feeling so stale. The original UI lacks so many modern integrations and the new app-only one is so limited in general. I just couldn’t do it anymore. That app/hub isn’t in beta. It is in alpha testing and has a long way to go. Meanwhile, I need a home that works. Tuya would be one of the number of integrations that would bring me back.

Is there any news on the Tuya integration on Vera?
Will it be ready soon?
I have many smart-plugs that I want to use on my Vera gateway.

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I will give this a bump. Have an Inkbird floating hot tub temperature sensor and of course they have no API. I heard that the devices can be registered via the Tuya app directly, which allows for a bit more of control via external methods. Has anyone gotten very far in being able to make API calls against Tuya and maintaining an authenticated/authorized connection to regularly get sensor updates?

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