Vera plus forgetting device location

I’ve got a weird issue that when I change location of a zwave device it appears to do it. Then when I go back to the Vera Plus later it’s back in its original location.

Is this a known little bug? Is there a work around? Just seems very odd that it does it then reverts back again later.

Are you changing the location of a child device and not changing the master. If so it will revert back o where the master is.

unless you set variable Childrensameroom to 0

That’s exactly what I’m doing, the 2x relays I’m changing have control of lights in separate rooms. I’ll look for the child same room variable :slight_smile:

Thank you

:smiley: Thanks!

Was experiencing the same behavior with a dual relay and a Vera Edge.

That’s fixed my issue, thanks again for the tip Slartibartfast!