Vera plus extremely slow since latest update

Just after the last firmware update (applied a couple weeks back) for my vera plus the unit has become unusable… The web page crazy slow to load and half the time doesn’t. I can putty in but most of the time even the putty session is crazy slow to respond.

I’ve sent a ticket to support (236866) on Nov 17, but other then the automated email with the ticket number haven’t heard from anyone to help fix the unit. My entire home runs off it and nothing is operating so I need to get it fixed.

Anyone else have an issue like this since the latest firmware update? @Sorin any chance you can get someone to help me out?

Hi there,

I’m sorry for the delay as I was out of the office last week. I see that one of the agents is already on this matter and they will give you an update as soon as they sort out the relay issue. Hopefully today.

Thanks for the response Sorin, someone did reach out and hopefully they have identified the issue. Do you know, could the relay have been updated automatically or something? Is there anywhere in either the web GUI or putty I can see what relays my unit is trying to talk to?

As far as I remember, while I was in customer care, the relay servers might change automatically depending o some cloud balancing and other rules. There’s a HTTP request to see such data in Vera: and look for fwd1 and fwd2. Where fwd1 and 2 are the main and secondary relay servers used by your controller. 192.168… needs to be changed to the local IP of your Vera controller.

Thanks for the info.