Vera Plus Died SOLVED

I guess my Vera Plus died sometime last night or today. I noticed today I was not getting any notifications. I just got home from work and I unplugged my Vera Plus to restart twice but that did not help. Vera lights are on but nothing.

Turns out I had a bad Cat5 cable. I have never had that happen before. My Vera Plus is ok and backup and running fine. That scared me, I thought it had died on me.


I’ve resorted at work to cable map all fresh out of the bag cat5e cables we use as far to often I run into a bad one. With these cheap made in China cables, QA seems to be lacking. Our Fluke IntelliTone Pro 200 has saved the day repeatedly.

So I’m not realyy surprised you had a bad cat5e cable cause you grief…

I have been using the cable for several years and never had a problem. I guess it’s got to go bad at some time.